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Data Protection Policy

Data Controller

The societe anonyme under the name “TECHNOPOLIS – GAI S.A. LOCAL AUTHORITY FOR THE PROTECTION AND THE PROMOTION OF THE INDUSTRIAL – ARHAEOLOGICAL PARK OF ATHENS ” and the distinctive title “TECHNOPOLIS CITY OF ATHENS MARIA CALLAS MUSEUM S.A.” (hereinafter the “Company”), based in Athens, 100 Piraeus Street, is the data controller, in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 (1). 7. of the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679/E.U.), of the personal data of the visitors/users of the website (hereinafter the “Website”), of which it is the administrator.

You may contact the company via telephone at 2130109300 or email at and


Categories of Personal Data


The Company collects specific categories of personal data from the users/visitors to the website:


1. Name and email address: When subscribing to the Technopolis City of Athens Maria Callas Museum newsletter, visitors enter their name and email address in the corresponding boxes.


2. Email address and any other personal data: Visitors can disclose their email address and other personal data when sending emails to and


3. Full name, father’s name, email address, home address (up to two addresses), landline phone, mobile phone, and fax number.


Processing purposes and legal bases


The Company processes the aforementioned categories of personal data to accomplish specific processing purposes based on the subsequent processing legal bases:


1. The Company processes the categories of personal data entered by website visitors to subscribe to the newsletter in order to send informative or promotional messages about its actions and services, as well as about the products of the online store that operates through the website. The legal basis for the above processing is the consent of the website visitors, which is provided by completing the necessary information for subscribing to the newsletter.

2. The Company processes the categories of personal data visitors enter to the website when they send an e-mail to and to get answers to their questions and receive the relevant information material. The legal basis for the above processing is the consent of website visitors, which is provided by sending a message to the addresses the Company uses for communicating with them.


Categories of Personal Data recipients


The Company may disclose personal data of website visitors to the following recipients:


1. Third parties (legal or natural) with whom the Company is contractually connected. In this case, the Company discloses to its parties only those categories of personal data of website visitors necessary to fulfil the contracts signed between them. In addition, the Company undertakes to bind third parties as to their lawful processing of the personal data disclosed by adding a relevant term to the contracts between them or signing a pertinent annex to the main contract.

2. Judicial or Administrative Authorities in the context of the Company’s compliance with a judicial or administrative decision or a decision of an Independent Administrative Authority.

3. Third parties (legal or natural) to whom the Company is obliged to disclose website visitors’ personal data by a provision of law, regulatory or individual administrative act, court decision or decision of an administrative body or Authority.


Transfer of data to third countries


The Company does not transfer or intend to transfer any personal data of website visitors to third countries or international organizations.


Personal data retention period


The Company only retains the personal data of website visitors for the time required to achieve the purpose of each processing. However, in cases where retention is required by a provision of law or a judicial or administrative decision, the Company may retain the data for a period longer than the minimum possible.




The Company is committed to helping website visitors exercise their rights as provided by the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679/EU) and applicable national legislation. As data subjects, visitors to the website have the right to submit requests for:


1. Revoking their consent to a specific processing of personal data. In this regard, visitors are entitled to revoke, at any time, their consent to processing the personal data they have entered when subscribing to the website’s newsletter or sending a message to the Company’s contact email addresses.

2. Obtaining information about the type of processing and access to their data.

3. Correcting or updating their data in case they need to be more accurate or complete.

4. Demanding complete and permanent deletion of their data from the Company’s records.

5. Restricting personal data processing

6. Receiving a copy of all or part of their data in a commonly used and machine-readable format.

The Company hereby affirms its commitment to providing free and timely satisfaction of the requests submitted by data subjects. All requests will be processed within thirty (30) calendar days from their receipt. However, in cases where the request is complex or there are multiple pending requests, the Company reserves the right to extend the deadline by sixty (60) calendar days. In such instances, the Company shall inform the data subject of the extension and reasons for the delay within thirty (30) calendar days from receiving the request.

In the event of a data subject’s request to access their information, the Company reserves the right to decline the request solely on the basis of its inability to verify the identity of the individual in question, provided that it has employed all appropriate measures to ascertain the same.

The Company may levy a reasonable fee if a data subject’s requests are deemed unfounded or excessive, primarily due to their repetitive nature. The fee will be commensurate with the administrative burden of providing information or executing the requested action. Alternatively, the Company may choose to refuse the request.

It should be noted that individuals whose data is processed by the Company have the right to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority concerning any matter related to the processing and safeguarding their data. To file a complaint, data subjects may consult the Authority’s website (,211532&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL) for information on the available submission methods.



Contact information

To obtain information about their rights as data subjects, individuals visiting the website may submit a request by sending an email to either or These email addresses may also be used to send other types of messages, provided that they are not related to a request concerning the processing of personal data by the company via the website.

Automated decision making




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Changes to Privacy Policy

Please be advised that this Privacy Policy is subject to change in the future. We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time at our sole discretion, and all modifications will be immediately effective upon posting the changes on our website. Please check our website periodically to review our Privacy Policy.

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